The Truffle framework is an awesome toolkit for every solidity and dapp developer, we at Liberty Pie make advanced use of the truffle framework.

During LibertyPie’s P2P protocol development, we needed a simple way to seed initial data to different contracts similar to database seeding.

Truffle has great migration support but no seeding of data out of the box.

So we decided to build a simple CLI tool as an npm package for seeding initial data out of the box with 0 configurations.

Introducing Liberty Pie’s Truffle Seeder, an easy way to seed initial data to any smart contract. Kindly help us improve it by giving us your feedback


As the team builds the protocol’s user interface, it is very important to research deeply into which external libraries to include. The user interface must have a rich user experience & also very light weighted.

Every DApp must find a way to connect to users’ wallet without compromising privacy and…

Browserstack sponsors LibertyPie

Its been a great week for the LibertyPie team, as we continue to make progress on the protocol’s Interface development, we do test periodically for a better user experience. These tests are done mostly with different devices and browsers which is made possible by the BrowserStack team.

BrowserStack is a…

LibertyPie Translates on Crowdin

We are excited to announce our next exciting update about the protocol’s development. In our quest to reach a global audience, We will be translating the protocol’s user interface on Crowdin.

LibertyPie is a permissionless, trustless, non-custodial & smart contract-based P2P exchange with cross-chain asset support & a fraud protection… website interface

LibertyPie started as a GitHub public project (, we later saw the potential in the project from where we acquired the social accounts to build a community around it.

Finally, we have launched our awesome website on The website will be the information hub of the project. It will also house the user interface for the P2P exchange and the DeFi protocol.

So what’s next from here? We are working on releasing the whitepaper and other useful resources for the project.

XPIE Eagle Logo

The XPIE token is the native cryptocurrency on the LibertyPie network. It is an interchain asset deployed on Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as ERC20 & BEP20 token standard respectively. The token helps in the governance of the network.

The token has a max supply of 990,000,000 XPIE. It…

LibertyPie Intro Banner

LibertyPie is a permissionless & autonomous P2P & Defi protocol on the Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain.

LibertyPie prides itself as the first 100% decentralized, non-custodial & smart contract-based protocol with a built-in fraud protection mechanism.

Unlike some existing decentralized P2P platforms such as Bisq, LibertyPie does not require users…

Liberty Pie

Permissionless & autonomous P2P & Defi protocol on Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain

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