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2 min readJan 7, 2021


As the team builds the protocol’s user interface, it is very important to research deeply into which external libraries to include. The user interface must have a rich user experience & also very light weighted.

Every DApp must find a way to connect to users’ wallet without compromising privacy and security. Fortunately, we found many matured and well-developed libraries such as web3modal (previously web3connect), web3-wallets-kit (by Akropolis), bnc-onboard (by BlockNative) & many more.

After a careful analysis of these existing solutions, we found reasons which discouraged us from using them. A major reason was the bloat in library size, other reasons included an incomplete library or having to pay for usage in the case of BloackNative bnc-onboard.

Our final resort was to build a library exactly how we wanted it, thankfully, the initial version of LibertyPie Wallet Provider is successfully published on npm (

LibertyPie Wallet Provider was built to provide extra advantages over other libraries, a detailed comparison has been given below.

Size (according to
LibertyPie Wallet Provider — 6.9kb minified +gzipped
Web3Modal — 195kb minified + gzipped
bnc-onboard — 65.1kb minified + gzipped
web3-wallets-kit — 784.4kb minified + gzipped

Best: LibertyPie Wallet Provider
Worst: web3-wallets-kit

Runtime Dependencies
LibertyPie Wallet Provider— 0
Web3Modal — 6
bnc-onboard — 20
web3-wallets-kit — 9

Best: LibertyPie Wallet Provider
Worst: bnc-onboard

Supported Wallets Providers
LibertyPie Wallet Provider — 9
Web3Modal — 11
bnc-onboard — 6
web3-wallets-kit — N/A

As seen from the data above, LibertyPie Wallet Provider has many merits compared to the other libraries.

Github Repo:



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