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Liberty Pie
2 min readNov 24, 2020
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LibertyPie is a permissionless & autonomous P2P & Defi protocol on the Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain.

LibertyPie prides itself as the first 100% decentralized, non-custodial & smart contract-based protocol with a built-in fraud protection mechanism.

Unlike some existing decentralized P2P platforms such as Bisq, LibertyPie does not require users to download the full node of supported assets.

Thanks to innovative projects such as RenProject, LibertyPie protocol supports cross-chain assets such as Bitcoin, ZCash & Many more.

The network is protected and managed by guardians, a guardian is anyone who dedicates his time and effort to secure the network from fraud-related activities.

During every trade, a minimum of three guardians are assigned on standby in case their services are required, the trader or merchant can opt to include them in the trade to monitor for signs of fraud by the other party.

Guardians also handle dispute resolution on the network, during a dispute, a minimum of three guardians are tasked with analyzing & solving the issue. Any user who is not satisfied with the resolution can appeal for a new set of guardians.

After every successful trade, a fee of 0.25% is charged, 50% of the fee is distributed to the assigned guardians.

A secure P2P chat channel is established during every trade where payment information and other secrets can be shared between the traders, these data are destroyed as soon as the trade ends.

The source code for the project is hosted on https://github.com/libertypie, we welcome contributions and pull requests to help improve the protocol for the masses.



Liberty Pie

Permissionless & autonomous P2P & Defi protocol on Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain