Xpie Governance Token Distribution

Liberty Pie
2 min readDec 10, 2020

The tokens are distributed in a free and fair manner; the community is the first-class citizens on the network, so 50% of the total supply will be allocated to them.

Community Allocation: 50%

This will be distributed to the community through different events and mechanisms over a period of time. Below is the distribution table.

Year One

198,000,000 — 40%

Year Two

148,500,000 — 30%

Year Three

99,000,000 — 20%

Year Four

49,500,000 — 10%

Team Allocation: 20%

This allocation goes to the team members, co-founders & advisory board, there will be a vesting period of 36 months where the tokens will be locked into a smart contract, after this period, 10% will be released for every 3 months interval.

Initial Fund Raising: 25%

This is the initial funds needed to run the project, listing on exchanges, providing liquidity, marketing and temporally paying the developers.

Ecosystem Fund: 5%

This fund will be used for strategic partnership & incentivization to grow the network.



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